World Adoptee Day, Adoption Day, National Adoptee Awareness Day/Month

how Cinderella lost her other slipper

Today is World Adoptee day or Adoption day. How you phrase it matters. Is it a day for Adoptees to celebrate? Yeah you lost your family, but you got a new one. Be honored? You were an orphan, but now you aren’t. Or perhaps you weren’t really an orphan as some who do birth searches find out. Be remembered? Yes, in the United States as Adoptees you are killing yourselves 4 times more than others. But wait that was Suicide Awareness month, are we not supposed to mention that now? Or is it World Adoption day? Yes, you can be legally imported, at some cost to a family that has no knowledge of your culture, may often suppress or demonize it and then, may actively hide your biological history. Let’s celebrate! Yes, I know the alternate narrative, “Thank God” with a capital G..insert….justification, and G for Grateful.



Artist, teacher,mother and wife, adoptee; writer about all of the above.

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